Play Keno on the Fun88 App

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Play Keno on the Fun88 App

Play Keno on the Fun88 App

Fun88 App is a prestigious bookmaker in Asia. Fun88 App can find various online games that will be super fun for you and we know you will enjoy. Our platform is friendly with your device and the design is thought to be attractive but without generating visual fatigue. Among the games that you will find in Fun88 App are online lottery, casino games, we also have graphs and statistics of the winners and tables of probabilities and forecasts.

At Fun88 App we love the game as much as you do, so we want your experience to be optimal all the time. We are committed to providing you with security at all times and we want you to feel comfortable from day one. We have a direct line to answer your questions online gambling games. But today, in addition to telling you about these benefits, we want to tell you that we have the Keno game available on our platform.

Keno is a type of lottery also similar to bingo that is currently played in almost all casinos. It is believed that it originated in China and reached the rest of the world starting in the 19th century. Players usually select from 1 to 20 numbers and mark them on a ticket with a matrix containing 80 numbers (from 1 to 80). Then 20 numbers are randomly drawn and the player gets a prize based on the number of matches between his bet and the numbers that have appeared in the draw. The value of the prize is conditioned by the number of numbers marked on the ticket and how many of them coincide with those drawn. The greater the number of brands and the greater the number of hits, the higher the prize, which is why it is not considered a distribution game, but rather the operator that celebrates the draw. So now that you know the rules, sign up for the Fun88 App and start playing with us.


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